Canada has made a name worldwide in its technological inventions. Lots of these technologies are getting commercialized in the United States. Lots of their patents are revolving round the world, which makes programming so easy. Some of the greatest inventions are often supported by National Research Council of Canada, also called as (NRCC). Some of the fields where these technological inventions have taken place are: animation and computing; agriculture and food; communication; mobility and transportation; defence; climate; entertainment and sports; medicine and science, etc. Some of the major tech inventions are:


Alexander Graham Bell is well known for his telephone invention. He started up with the Bell telephone company which is now Canada’s largest company of communication known as BCE, Inc. This invention has completely revolutionized the communication network in the whole world.

Instant Replay:

As per saved records, George Retzlaff broadcasted instant replay during one Hockey Night in Canada. Moving forward in slow motion replays became very famous worldwide. Today we can rewind, pause any live television show, it’s all because of the transformations done from the time, George invented this instant replay.

Electric Wheelchair:

It was actually developed for World War II veterans and was invented by Hamilton Klien. He is crowned as the most productive inventor of the 20th century in Canada. It has given freedom to a lot of people worldwide and has also improved their mobility. Now, it is further getting developed in a lot of forms. Motors are getting added to the chair for smooth movement.

Computerized Trackballs:

It was invented by Canadian inventors Fred Longstaff and Tom Cranston. They used bowling ball for developing the trackball which had a lot of weight, but was an innovative invention. In today’s world, the mouse with the tracking ball revolving on the complete screen has become a big achievement. Its size became smaller and smaller and lot of transformations have also been done.


Reginald Aubrey Fessenden invented the first television set. Now around 500patents have been in his name which uses its radio and solar breakthroughs. The Entertainment industry has been revolutionized by this television set. And the invention has transformed a lot with the time passed by.

Walkie- Talkie:

It was invented by Donald Hings who was actually born in England but brought up in Canada. This invention took place in 1939. This Walkie Talkie was a two way radio set earlier known as “packset”. But now newer models have taken over it revolutionizing the communication which is mostly getting used for the Defence system.


In 1950, the first cardiac pacemaker was developed by Dr. John C. Callaghan and Dr. Wilfred G. Bigelow. This life saving device captured the medical market and saved a lot of lives and has transformed with a lot of technological advancement reducing its size and weight. These advancements in technology have really brought life changing differences in today’s world. It feels like life would not have been possible without these gadgets.