As we all know the whole world is getting driven by technology. Without technology the life seems to be impossible. We have been adapting to technology so much that getting out it is quite seems next to impossible. The most effective technology is the digital technology that includes: artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile, 3-d printing, etc. It has been very effective in both developed and developing nations. These digital consumes a lot of energy and as it is gaining more and more users, hence the demand is increasing a lot.

On The Demand Side:

As a lot of people’s demand is increasing for these gadgets and technology, the consumption of resources is also increasing which can definitely benefit the global market but not the resource market. If it is used with a limit then it will be proven best for both global and resource markets.

Global Economy’s Energy Mix:

With the development in technology the cost of renewable sources is getting down. Wind energy and solar energy both are in use, creating global economy’s energy mix. A lot of technologies are used in resource planning, operations, in fossil fuels, generation of mines and wells, which was earlier not possible to access. It has also made a lot of developments in the agriculture sector with various raising, sowing and extracting techniques. Lots of development has taken place in the hybridization of various seeds giving better output.

Technology In Medicine:

A lot of transformations have been done in medicine improving the quality of equipments and medicines that one never thought of. A lot of doctors and pha,rma-scientists have brought up a lot of advancement in this medical sector, which seemed impossible once, lots of treatments were not possible before which has now become an easy task for the doctors.

Technology In Education:

While studying a lot of processes were not easy to understand, but now studying through videos, getting a practical education through Edu-comp classes have become a better way for both learning and teaching. These technological developments have entirely changed the way of thinking. Now people have started thinking out of the box, where one was just struggling with numbers, abacus and Vedic maths have taken over calculations, making it easy for the students.

Technology Driven International Trade:

One nation is buying technology from other nations; this is a trade between two countries. Therefore, this technology has taken over the whole world driving from one route to another in search of new hunt. Modernization of the global economy is getting distributed to the people as to receive more foreign direct investment which again brings a lot of technology and new learning for the society. Therefore, as seen above all the fields is getting affected by the different types of technology, whether it is in the demand of the people, whether in medicine, education or in international trade; everywhere it is leaving a mark on the society in all means for the betterment of the people if used in a rightful manner.